The Haunted Hause

The Taiwanese seem to be very aware of the world of spirits and ghosts, there are many customs and sayings associated with it. At the same time, few places in Taiwan are associated with specific ghosts or ghost stories. The Minsyong Haunted House (民雄鬼屋) is an exception. There are several different convoluted tales of ghostly happenings in and around the house. Many accounts link these mysterious and tragic incidents to the death of a maid who committed suicide by drowning herself in the well that can still be seen in the grounds of the mansion. Details of stories are different of course. In addition to members of the Liu family suffering various misfortunes, several soldiers in a Japanese Imperial Army were camping  nearby and died suddenly, and strange wisps of white fog were sighted around the house at dusk.

How to get there: From downtown Minsyong, follow Wenhua Road (文化路) southward for about one kilometer. You’ll see a sign in Chinese only pointing to the left. Take this road for a few hundred meters. When you come to a small T-junction, look left. You’ll see the Haunted House at the end of the lane, behind the trees.

Also there is a very nice coffee shop-restaurant right next to it, with a ghost theme in their interior and menu. Reasonable prices, laid-back atmosphere.


National Broadcast museum

The National Radio Museum displays early broadcasting equipment and different sized vacuum tubes. It has an impressive collection of old record players, voice recorders and even old vinyls. This is interesting to see not only for professionals and collectors, but for anybody who can appreciate antique aesthetics.  It boasts the world’s only remaining MB-15A model 100kw antique mediumwave transmitter. Bullet marks from US attacks during the war are still visible on the transmitter, striking evidence of the building’s past. Very helpful and competent staff, ask for a guided tour if possible.

No. 74, Minchuan Rd., Minhsiung Township, Chiayi County, Taiwan(ROC)


Hsin Kang Mazu Temple

Hsin Kang Mazu Temple in Chiayi County,  Xinmin road 53.,  website –

Taiwan has the highest number of temples per person of anywhere in the world. As Taiwan’s most popular folk deity, Matsu has over five hundred temples dedicated in her honor from around the island.  Hsin Kang Mazu temple stands out as a very big and busy one – many different figurines and sculptures of gods occupy the space in four floors, depending on their importance and status. Many traditional spiritual rituals are performed here – like burning paper money (also called ghost money), bringing flowers and fruit as offerings to gods, fortunetelling. At the same time there are doctors giving free consultations, massages, some people drinking tea.  Every temple is not only spiritual, but also a cultural and social center for local people.

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According to Chinese calendar, November 18th, 2012 was a very good day to bring a figurine of your favorite god to temple in order to ask for good luck, protection, etc. So this man is performing a ritual meaning to clear the way for god to enter the temple.


Minxiong Night Market


Minxiong Night market is located right next to Chiayi Performing Arts Center, Jiangou Road. Its working hours are every Tuesday and Friday 7:00 -11:00 pm; rest of the time the place it self serves as a parking lot. It is pretty small, you can’t wander off so far away to get lost in it but it’s still big enough to find all the local specialties from chicken rice to stinky tofu.



Pineapple Hill

Pineapple cake  is one of the best food souvenir options from Taiwan. These mini pineapple pies are filled with candied pineapple. “The Taiwanese word for pineapple sounds like ‘prosperity arrives,’ so it’s very auspicious,” explains food critic Ann Hu. “Since pineapples symbolize both Taiwan and wealth, it’s no wonder they’e become so popular.”  First of all, they keep well and are easy to carry. Not especially sweet or moist, they can remain fresh for 15 days without preservatives.  And they’re also not crumbly, so you don’t have to worry that they’ll fall apart if you bump into something.

“Pineapple Hill” factory  in Minxueng, Chiayi county, uses only local pineapple as filling, which is growing right next to it. Also the packaging of their product is very neat and representative, the same goes to interior of factories cafe area.; tel.05-2720696; 05-2720132; opening hours 9:00-18:00