Pineapple Hill

Pineapple cake  is one of the best food souvenir options from Taiwan. These mini pineapple pies are filled with candied pineapple. “The Taiwanese word for pineapple sounds like ‘prosperity arrives,’ so it’s very auspicious,” explains food critic Ann Hu. “Since pineapples symbolize both Taiwan and wealth, it’s no wonder they’e become so popular.”  First of all, they keep well and are easy to carry. Not especially sweet or moist, they can remain fresh for 15 days without preservatives.  And they’re also not crumbly, so you don’t have to worry that they’ll fall apart if you bump into something.

“Pineapple Hill” factory  in Minxueng, Chiayi county, uses only local pineapple as filling, which is growing right next to it. Also the packaging of their product is very neat and representative, the same goes to interior of factories cafe area.; tel.05-2720696; 05-2720132; opening hours 9:00-18:00



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