Hsin Kang Mazu Temple

Hsin Kang Mazu Temple in Chiayi County,  Xinmin road 53.,  website – http://www.hsinkangmazu.org.tw/  http://goo.gl/maps/JtFDH

Taiwan has the highest number of temples per person of anywhere in the world. As Taiwan’s most popular folk deity, Matsu has over five hundred temples dedicated in her honor from around the island.  Hsin Kang Mazu temple stands out as a very big and busy one – many different figurines and sculptures of gods occupy the space in four floors, depending on their importance and status. Many traditional spiritual rituals are performed here – like burning paper money (also called ghost money), bringing flowers and fruit as offerings to gods, fortunetelling. At the same time there are doctors giving free consultations, massages, some people drinking tea.  Every temple is not only spiritual, but also a cultural and social center for local people.

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According to Chinese calendar, November 18th, 2012 was a very good day to bring a figurine of your favorite god to temple in order to ask for good luck, protection, etc. So this man is performing a ritual meaning to clear the way for god to enter the temple.



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