The Haunted Hause

The Taiwanese seem to be very aware of the world of spirits and ghosts, there are many customs and sayings associated with it. At the same time, few places in Taiwan are associated with specific ghosts or ghost stories. The Minsyong Haunted House (民雄鬼屋) is an exception. There are several different convoluted tales of ghostly happenings in and around the house. Many accounts link these mysterious and tragic incidents to the death of a maid who committed suicide by drowning herself in the well that can still be seen in the grounds of the mansion. Details of stories are different of course. In addition to members of the Liu family suffering various misfortunes, several soldiers in a Japanese Imperial Army were camping  nearby and died suddenly, and strange wisps of white fog were sighted around the house at dusk.

How to get there: From downtown Minsyong, follow Wenhua Road (文化路) southward for about one kilometer. You’ll see a sign in Chinese only pointing to the left. Take this road for a few hundred meters. When you come to a small T-junction, look left. You’ll see the Haunted House at the end of the lane, behind the trees.

Also there is a very nice coffee shop-restaurant right next to it, with a ghost theme in their interior and menu. Reasonable prices, laid-back atmosphere.


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